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Leverage your metadata to gain business insights in this new digital world.

Bring a new perspective to the enterprise: Leverage your metadata and gain a strategic vantage point to manage change.

"Digital business demands a new perspective toward the scope of the "enterprise" and marks an expansion of focus from delivering IT services to businesses (inside-out) to addressing the needs of customers and constituencies (outside-in). It means enabling new business designs by looking beyond/outside the enterprise into the world of currently unknown (outside-out)."

~ Source: Gartner

The challenge is getting our hands on accurate, relevant data and understanding it so we can do something productive with it. That’s the purpose of metadata. It tells us what data we have, where is and what it means. Metadata is the cornerstone to achieving this and is instrumental in cataloging data so we can discover, understand and govern our data assets.

Once on the Visible® platform, see all of the information about your business in a single, integrated view. Extend the scope of your enterprise to include the data that connects to both your upstream (supplier) processes and downstream (customer) processes that are critical to your success. See the "Who", "What", "When", "Where", "Why" and "How" relative to your Assets, Capacity, Capital, Customers, Markets, Resources and Risk. Experience the difference using a "living model" of your enterprise architecture and take control of your metadata whether it be in disparate and distributed data sources on premise or somewhere in the cloud.

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