Extended Enterprise

Leverage the collective intelligence and expertise of your suppliers and customers.

Competitive Advantage to Clarify Goals

Today, no business can work in isolation without floundering. An organization’s success is dependent on a complex network of partnerships that combine resources to clarify the services and products that should be presented to the market. This is known as the extended enterprise, a concept that has far reaching repercussions if it is managed smartly. With collaboration on a large scale, organizations have access to massive amounts of data that, if utilized correctly, can be used to meet critical business goals. Even if some organizations choose to work independently via agreements, they are still part of the architecture that influences the exchange of information, money, and services. This collective intelligence and the data that generates from are a gold mine if they are managed smartly. Since most of that data lies outside an enterprise, businesses need a single platform that can help them leverage that intel and turn it into a competitive edge.

The Visible Systems Advantage

At Visible Systems, our aim is to help organizations make better business decisions by helping them leverage data that is working behind their enterprise architecture. With our help:

Visualize. Align. Transform.™

Visualize patterns, align strategy and transform change into meaningful business outcomes.