Experience a big difference a small program can make in managing your day to day tasks.

What can I use Polaris for?

Polaris lets you quickly organize your ideas into an ordered set of tasks. Easily create issues, make assignments, and track what is being worked on and by whom. You can see how issues are resolved, which issues are outstanding, and what action needs to be taken. You can make sure no issue ever "falls through the cracks". Even set up reminders to perform duties such as a customer followup or schedule a meeting.

What about tracking issues, defects or bugs?

Sure thing, you can use templates to easily set up and track your issues, defects and bugs from the time when they are submitted up through their resolution. You define the numbers of states and which users or groups are authorized to change one state to another. When a state change occurs, you define who gets notified, either by email or through a task associated with the issue.

What if I have a process that I'd like to follow?

No problem, tell Polaris about your process and it will create a workflow, the states and conditions upon which an issue, defect or bug can be promoted and automatically generate emails to your project team members. When one of your project team members takes an action, you are notified immediately. Whether you manage by objectives or by exception, no problem-Polaris will even tell you when something has not happened.

Can I integrate it with other applications?

Yes, Polaris can be tightly integrated within Visual Studio.NET so that developers do not have to leave the environment in which they work to participate in the workflow process. It also links to your version control provider. So you can attach issues to files under version control and trace how a problem was solved. Files can be checked in and checked out from within Polaris using Microsoft's version control, SVN, GIT, CVS, RCS, SCCS. Finally, you can manage your Agile Development using Polaris. We have set up SCRUM templates for you to get started on your own agile projects.

Best of all, you can get started with a free license.


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