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Mission Statement

As innovation accelerates, many are looking for ways to turn this acceleration into a competitive advantage. But it is not easy to understand the impact of the rapid pace of change on strategy - be it for a business or an organization. What is needed is a fresh approach towards understanding the scope of change beyond what we can easily see and its implications on strategy.

Visible enables new business designs by bringing a new perspective that looks beyond/outside the enterprise thereby facilitating a strategy that reflects this new reality. Inherently in strategy is data. Through the discovery of purposeful data, Visible helps organizations to set the correct strategy and follow it through its execution.

Company History

Pioneering Knowledge Management and Information Engineering

Founded by George Cagliuso, Visible Systems Corporation began as a boutique IT company, specializing in mainstreaming framework-based information engineering developed by Clive Finkelstein, the Father of Information Engineering. The company's origin was the inspiration of two MIT graduates, one of whom had experience with start-up companies. An early client of the company, State Street Bank, thought these young graduates were "marketing visionaries" for seeing the advantages of documenting information systems in this new way.

Mr. Cagliuso, started what has become a two-decade crusade that has evolved and changed many times since the beginning. Mr. Cagliuso recognized early on that, much like electronic engineering, software engineering was an area that needed improvement. He thought that in the same way reusable hardware components (called integrated circuits) brought productivity and reliability to processes in the semiconductor industry, software engineering could benefit by re-using objects. This is where the journey began, putting the pieces together to improve the overall software engineering process.

Visible Systems was the first in the modern information engineering world to recognize the need in the marketplace for a documentation system that would allow its clients to document their information systems electronically, which was based on the old adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Early Product Advancements

Mergers and Acquisitions