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Razor Downloads

Thank-you for your interest in either a demonstration version or an upgrade of Razor. Please select the platform you would like to download from the following list.

Razor v5.3.03

• Windows Server & Clients • Windows Clients Only
• SPARC Solaris 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 • x86 Solaris 10+
• Linux RHEL5/RHEL6 • AIX 4.2 +
• Linux RHEL7 • IRIX 32-bit 5.3 +
Apple OS X 10.4+ (PPC) Apple OS X 10.4+ (x86)
• HP-UX 11.11+ (PA-RISC)

Note: Windows support includes Windows Server 2003, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 client operating systems (32 and 64-bit).

Note: The Linux RHEL5/RHEL6 distribution will also run on CENTOS5, CENTOS6, Ubuntu 14/16, SUSE 11/12

Note: The Linux RHEL7 distribution will also run on CENTOS7.

Note: The x86 Solaris 10+ distribution will also run on Solaris 11

Note: If you are downloading an evaluation copy of Razor, you will need to obtain a set of demo keys after it has been installed. If you are upgrading to the current version of Razor, you may need to obtain new license keys or verify that your maintenance contract is up to date.

To download a previous version of Razor, visit our archives.

If you would rather request a fully functional evaluation version on CD, or cannot download a demonstration version due to security restrictions, or would like to arrange an online demonstration, contact our Sales Department at 781-778-0200.

For installation questions and technical support issues, contact the Razor support group.

Razor v5.3.x is a fully integrated problem tracking, change management, and release management software tool. The Razor Demonstration product has the following limitations:

The Razor Demonstration product will cease to function 21 days after receiving demo keys. The trial period can only be reset or extended by your sales representative.

View a quick presentation of Razor

To install Razor on Windows

Note: For additional assistance try our in-depth installation guide, troubleshooting guide, FAQ, or contact

To install Razor on Unix/Linux

Note: For additional installation assistance see the FAQ, or email

Guiffy Diff/Merge Tool

As of Razor 5.1+, the Guiffy tool is fully integrated within the Versions client. Razor comes with an OEM license that gives the user permission to run Guiffy within the Razor product suite. Users may purchase a seperate license which allows them to run Guiffy outside of Razor.


The Guiffy tool is bundled with the Windows Razor 5.1+ Server and the Windows RazorPC Client.The Guiffy tool is a Java-based application. The installer will install both the Guiffy tool
as well as the applicable Java Runtime Environment (JRE).


The Guiffy tool is not bundled with Razor on non-Windows platforms. This product and the appropriate Java runtime engine (JRE) needs to be installed by the user. The product installer and the Java runtime engine may be downloaded from here.

The Guiffy product may be installed in the $HOME directory of the Razor admin account or alternatively in the Razor area under the $RAZOR_HOME/ThirdParty/Guiffy directory. The JRE is installed under the Guiffy tool installation so that it doesn't conflict an an existing JRE installation. The environment variable GUIFFY_HOME must be defined by the user prior to using the product. This is best accomplished by placing the environment variable in the rz_prep files.

For more information on the Guiffy/Razor interface see Razor FAQ.

NOTE: Integration w/Razor requires Guiffy 7.0 build #165 or later. Remote users of Razor on UNIX/Linux platforms will need to install a copy of the Guiffy tool for every client and set
the value of GUIFFY_HOME to the installation directory. It may be installed in the user's $HOME directory.

Product Documentation

Razor Reference Manual (PDF)

IssueWeaver Reference Manual (PDF)

Razor 5.3.03 Release Notes