Customize Your Software
Configuration Management Process

Try Razor, best value among any of
the activity based SCM systems found anywhere

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Run Razor as an Agile
Application in Minutes

Tracking Software Changes and Releases can
be as easy as taking a ride through the park.

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Align Data to Business Needs.
The New World of DataOps.

See how to align data to your goals, objectives
and business processes. Boost agility and flexibility.

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Make More Informed Decisions
From Your Enterprise Architecture

Understand, draw insights from and leverage the
collective intelligence of your extended enterprise.

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Visualize The Impact of Change
on Your Business Strategy

Connect to the data that is necessary to
support and advance your business strategy.

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Organize Your Ideas,
Gain More Actionable Insight

Tie down those loose ends. Organize your ideas into manageable tasks.
Take advantage of this free offer today.

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Realize Your True Potential

Learn how to see business problems and
find solutions in today's complex, ever-changing global marketplace.

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Advance your enterprise strategy.

Whether you are entering a new market, launching a new business or product, or setting strategy for an acquisition or merger; know how to set the right strategy and know when it is time to pivot.

Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.
— Peter Drucker

Embed data in every decision and action you take.

Here is what you get:

  • A 360° view of your Enterprise.
  • A way to level-set your strategy - saving time and money.
  • A means to get insight on your strategy execution.

Using planning statements, develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses goals, objectives and KPIs. Could be for a clinical, customer, market, product or operational strategy. Import from a SWOT analysis or simply level-set using our industry or functional templates.

Create, visualize and link your knowledge models to the planning statements. Conceptualize business processes, data flows and data relationships across business processes – defining steps and sequence of actions.

Through our connected planning, map your project metaverse to the physical world by connecting your strategy and knowledge models to distributed and disparate data sources.

Leveraging the power of Trino with our graphical query builder, discover insights into how your strategy is doing. Run queries across different data sources without the need to understand connections and SQL dialects.

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Visualize. Align. Transform. ™

Visualize patterns, align strategy and transform change into meaningful business outcomes.