The Universal Model Framework

Map business strategy to business entities and
instantly view the data upon which your business strategy depends.

The Universal Model Framework

While data is the foundation of a business, harnessing it is challenging since it is formless. Visible Systems took up that challenge by using a Universal Model Framework to determine useful patterns. Even though enterprises can be supported from single source data, certain processes may require additional data resources for multi-faceted solutions. With a Universal Model Framework, we can facilitate that process by showing interdependencies that will be aggregated in a single, accessible glossary. Even though most data modeling efforts are data modeling constructs that have been created numerous times before, doing so can be a challenge. However, rather than re-inventing the wheel each time your business introduces a new system, you can use a single source to get a head start on data modeling efforts. This can help you save a lot of time and effort that can then be re-utilized in other productive endeavors.
At Visible Systems, we do this by:

In other words, we take raw data and transform it from an abstract entity into cohesive business intel. We do that by examining data from a number of different perspectives to understand its attributes as they are in a specific moment. For instance, an entity that is perceived from a sales stance will have different characteristics when it is viewed from, say, a production perspective.

The Universal Model Framework brings these perspectives together into a cohesive whole. In some ways, it is the sum of the parts of your business that have hidden potential which can be tapped into via different perspectives.

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