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Versions: File Version Control

Partial screen dumpUsing either SCCS or RCS as the underlying mechanism, Razor provides an intuitive and insightful window interface to all of the standard version control needs; checking files in/out for edit, parallel development, reporting changes, viewing differences, browsing, etc. Additionally, Razor tracks extra information as a team's files evolve over the life of a project, such as change commentary (prose) and issue resolution relationships.

Again, through a highly tailorable interface, each work group is able to assign attributes to each file entered into the system. These may define such things as...


Box --> Box --> Box

The variety and utility of this interface is completely up to each work group. And again, all changes are time stamped with the user's commentary and login name for complete accountability.

Razor can be used to track any files, ASCII and binary. In effect, it can handle scripts, test drivers, documentation, notes, software development files, or any other category appropriate for each particular work group.