Visualize The Impact of Change
on Your Business Strategy

Connect to the data that is necessary to
support and advance your business strategy.

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Make More Informed Decisions
From Your Enterprise Architecture

Understand, draw insights from and leverage the
collective intelligence of your extended enterprise.

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Align Data to Business Needs.
The New World of DataOps.

See how to align data to your goals, objectives
and business processes. Boost agility and flexibility.

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Customize Your Software
Configuration Management Process

Try Razor, best value among any of
the activity based SCM systems found anywhere

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Run Razor as a Server-less
Application in Minutes

Tracking Software Changes and Releases can
be as easy as taking a ride through the park.

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Organize Your Ideas,
Gain More Actionable Insight

Tie down those loose ends. Organize your ideas into manageable tasks.
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Realize Your True Potential

Learn how to see business problems and
find solutions in today's complex, ever-changing global marketplace.

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Are you ready to gain a strategic vantage point?

Understand the impact of change on your strategy and on the systems that support your strategy.

We all would like to make better decisions but to make better decisions we need systems that are designed to properly execute our strategy. However, with change being the only constant, do we know when change impacts our strategy and effects the systems based on our strategy? Visible Systems can help you get ahead of the change curve by understanding the implications of change on your strategy - be it a product, operations, market or customer strategy.

By bringing strategy, data and processes into a single framework, you now are able to better understand the context in which to make decisions.

What We Do:

We help you make data-driven decisions by providing you with three of the most important enablers;

  • A Well Integrated View of your Enterprise Architecture
  • A Simple yet Powerful Interactive Query Facility
  • A Framework for Data Discovery, Analytics and Visualization.

All in one integrated platform.

Visible Systems

Who We Are:

For more than 25 years Visible® has been dedicated to providing integrated solutions for designing systems, managing change and enabling business transformation.

What You Can Do:

Whether your data sources are localized or virtualized across several cloud-based systems – see how you can visualize patterns, align strategy and transform change into meaningful business outcomes.

Who You Are:

Business Manager, Business Developer, Business Analyst - Solutions Architect, Enterprise Architect, Data Analyst, Data Modeler, Applications Developer, Database Administrator

Visualize. Align. Transform. ™

Visualize patterns, align strategy and transform change into meaningful business outcomes.